Cheap shots?


Cheap shots?

I totally understand the argument that Germaine De Randamie should have been deducted at least a point in her title fight at UFC 208 for striking opponent Holly Holm after the buzzer had sounded at the end of round 2, and again at the end of round 3.  However, the vitriol aimed at the Dutch native is uncalled for.

This is first and foremost a fight.  This isn’t tiddly winks.  It’s is primal and with that comes a certain mentality (zone) that competitors must be in to compete.  Their focus is on their opponent who is trying to inflict damage on their physical being.  Their focus isn’t the thousands in attendance or the millions watching around the world and it certainly isn’t the sound of a hooter.  In the heat of battle you are transfixed on one thing.

A round officially ends at the call of the referee. The hooter (bell in boxing) is their notification to call time, it is not notification to the fighters the round is over.  It reminds me of being at school and the bell would go for the end of lesson, the whole class would be out of their seat quick as a flash only for the teacher to shout “that bell is for me not for you.”

Holly Holm knows this, she is a very experienced fighter.

Germaine De Randamie wasn’t snide or out of order, she was doing her job.  It was down to the referee to implement the rules of the sport of which I actually thought he got right by not deducting.  The shot at the end of round 2 warranted a warning and the one at the end of round 3 didn’t land.  How can you deducted for hitting fresh air?

De Randamie won the fight fair and square.

On a matter similar, Floyd Mayweather got it absolutely right when commenting on his KO of Victor Ortiz in their fight in 2011.  You may remember there was a break in action due to a headbutt incident and Ortiz continued to talk to the referee even though time had been called back in.  Floyd took his opportunity.

Defend yourself AT ALL TIMES, even when the bell has gone!