Make Some Noise

    Young fighters, take note.  Your talent alone will not propel you to the top of the boxing rich list.  If you are looking to become financially secure from this game, start running your mouth.

    It is a myth that all boxers are millionaires.

    There are (at the time of writing) 982 active British fighters that hold a professional license with BBBoC.  How many of them are millionaires?  Off the top of my head I can think of 2.  2 active fighters out of 982 is 0.2%.

    (For the sake of argument, the fighters I’m thinking of are Amir Khan and David Haye.  Tyson Fury has had his license taken off him.  You’re probably shouting ‘Anthony Joshua’ at the screen.  No chance.  Not purely from boxing anyway)

    Amir Khan applies his trade in the US, so in effect we have one current active fighter in Britain who has become a millionaire through fighting and he is his own entity because unlike everyone else, David Haye promotes his own show.  So in reality, we don’t have any!

    The secret is and always will be PPV.  Do the fans care enough to part with their hard earned cash to see you fight.  Whether they want to see you win or lose it doesn’t matter, do they care?

    The highest earning fighters on the planet understand how this game works.  If Floyd Mayweather never ran his mouth there is no way he would be as rich as he is.  Even though he’s one of the greatest defensive technicians I have ever seen, his fights were often boring.  Who’s paying to see that?  The fans who want to see him knocked out, that’s who!

    Forbes have just announced their rich list.  Steaming in at number 85 on the highest earning athletes page is Conor McGregor a man that hasn’t even had 10 fights in the UFC.  Unlike Mayweather, this guy HAS suffered defeat and yet he still runs his mouth, and the fans STILL pay to see him.

    On Saturday night in Liverpool I saw something awesome.  A man who understands the business.  Tony Bellew ran his mouth like a comedian doing stand up at the Royal variety show.  He focused on his victim and went to town.

    Tony understands that there is no ‘big money’ fight in his weight division.  There are no other personalities for him to feed off.  There’s no one that will make the fans care enough to pay for.  There’s tough fights for the purist to enjoy (Usyk) but why does he want to do that?  He’s achieved his dream of becoming the champion of the world and now its all about getting paid.  Where is the money?  David Haye!

    Young fighters, I do not care if ‘its not your style’.  Get wise.  This is a business.  Your talents will not be rewarded unless you shout about them.