UFC204 Bisping Henderson 2 – Review

    It’s 7am, Sunday morning.  A teary eyed Mrs Henderson, smiled and nodded as she walked passed.  Her Husband takes a standing ovation from the press room as he gives his last ever fight analysis from an illustrious career.

    “God bless you, and enjoy retirement” I mutter as he makes his way back to his dressing room.  He pauses, nods in appreciation and offers me a fist bump.

    The cherry on top of the Henderson cake never came but it wasn’t for the lack of searching.  He came up against his old foe, Michael Bisping, who on the night took everything Hendo could throw at him, and kept coming forward.

    When Bisping said that he wanted to fight 46-year-old Dan Henderson the snobs laughed.  To have the champion fight a guy ranked outside of the top 10 who had only won three of his last nine fights is something they do in boxing, not the UFC. It appeared to be an easy win for the Brit, who is nine years younger than the challenger. However, when the bout started, the snobs were silenced as they saw the challenge that Bisping knew he was taking on as Henderson dropped him with his big right hand.  It happened again in the second.  Henderson had one trick and it was capable of bringing the house down.

    The real possibility of an upset kept the fans on the edge of their seat.

    This however was a Michael Bisping fight.  How many times have we been there with him in this exact situation?  He was out on his feet against Anderson Silva, but still found something.

    He is the epitome of a fighter.  He lives and breathes this shit, therefore, It isn’t over until he says its over.  His recovery and ability to refocus astounds me at times.  There’s a 185lb man jumping on his head, thundering in elbow after elbow, tearing his face to shreds, and yet he bounces into the next round like it never happened.

    Bisping, AGAIN, found a way and get the win, deservedly so, but he wore this battle on his face. The fact that he chose to shows how big his balls are.

    The record speaks volumes for his 10 years at the top.  The most UFC wins of all time and he’s from this side of the pond.  Congratulations Michael Bisping and thank you!  You’ve put the UK on the map when it comes to MMA.

    As for Henderson, I fist bumped him back.  Legend.